The Orange County Register - Arbitrary rule violates law, property rights

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By Mark Greene |

June 9, 2017 at 12:04 am

This is a story of how abusive actions by the California Coastal Commission can upend a family’s hopes and dreams. It’s relevant no matter where you live, because if an agency — any agency — is allowed to erode property rights, everyone’s freedoms are less secure.

My wife, Bella, and I purchased a home in Playa Del Rey, with the hope of moving there when I retire next year from my position at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School to live near our grandchildren. We knew that the aging property would require a lot of updating before we moved in, but nothing inconsistent with local codes and zoning ordinances. However, we didn’t plan on the heavy-handed — and unlawful — demands we would face from the Coastal Commission.   Read More Here