Photography provided by Dr. William Hart and Jared Chambers

Our Mission

  • Join together like minded people to influence and promote clear, concise coastal regulations and permit conditions which equally respect private property rights.




The Coastal Commission is a very powerful organization that, in the absence of stronger and more organized opposition, will continue to strip away property rights from individual owners. They will do this through lengthy and costly permit application processes, unconstitutional permit conditions, to ultimately taking your property through the proposed legislation. This legislation would allow them to levy fines without due process. In December last year, they fined a homeowner in Malibu almost $4.2 million, wondering aloud if the home had sufficient value to impose an even larger fine.



Gentlemen, We must hang together, or we will most assuredly hang separately
— Benjamin Franklin

What We've Achieved

  • Since learning of AB 1129 in the latter part of March 2017, a small group of property and business owners got together out of fear for their future investments and decided to work together to try and reach as many individuals as possible that were also faced with the same bleak outlook, should AB 1129 continue unchecked and quietly through the legislative process. Since that time the connections have spread up and down the California coastline like a wildfire. And through these communications we have realized there is a clear and present underground regulation movement taking place within the California Coastal Commission to decimate and eliminate property values and and generational home legacies through passive takings. It did not take long before we determined a Coalition for the property owners should be formed, in the hope of banding together the affected parties and working together to protect and maintain inherit rights that all other California property owners enjoy who are not forced to deal with the California Coastal Commission for development permits or permission to enact Constitutional Rights. At this time the groundwork is laid and the legal Nonprofit has been formed, we are a group of volunteers with the exception of our hired lobbyist firm. All we need now is your support and willingness to join us in protecting private property rights along the California coastline. Together, we believe we can make a diffence.